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Domenico Veneziano, MD, PhD, FEBU

Urologist, robotic surgeon, founder of INTECH @INTECH_sim

Domenico Veneziano is a Urologist (accredited by the European Board of Urology), expert in robotic surgery, laparoscopy, education and simulation technologies. He won the Italian Matula award in 2019, as the best under-40 italian urologist and performed several live-surgeries in Europe and Asia. Thanks to the past experience with virtual platforms and mini-invasive surgery, he already built various innovative training devices. He achieved one of the first fellowships worldwide in "simulation and education technologies"​ provided by the American College of Surgeons. Domenico Veneziano organized and coordinated several courses and "hands on" training sessions in Europe, focusing on different learning topics and is actually chairman elect of the Surgical Training group within the European School of Urology and former coordinator of hands-on training for the European Urology Residents Education Programme, number 1 teaching programme offered by the European Association of Urology. He is actually working in the Grande Ospedale Metropolitano of Reggio Calabria, Italy.

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