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Dr Sami Salem Ahmad

Founder and president of the Jordanian Society of Obesity Surgery

A gastrointestinal bariatric surgeon, who was the first to introduce the laparoscopic bariatric approach in Jordan, he is leading the largest obesity surgery practice in the country as well as being known as a pioneer in the laparoscopic surgical field in Jordan (Since the laparoscopic approach was until then not that much used by surgeons). 

Dr. Sami has performed more than 5000 bariatric (obesity) operations during the course of his career.

 He is one of the first doctors globally to start intragastric Botox injections and has published in this field.

Dr. Sami was the Head of the specialised Gastric Centre in Stuttgart, Germany for 10 years.

He studied in Hamburg, Germany and specialised in General and Gastrointestinal Surgery in Hamburg and London.

He achieved the Doctorate of Medicine from Hamburg University and is registered as a consultant surgeon on the London specialist register and with the Stuttgart medical council.

Dr. Sami Worked for five years at Hammersmith Hospital, Ealing and Charing Cross Hospital and was examiner at the Imperial College School of Medicine in London.

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